Licensing Procedures and Policies

Types of Licenses Offered

  • Single-program license - If you are planning to only offer one program, a single-program license is the most economical.
  • Multiple-program license - Many of our licensed organizations wish to offer more than one program. With our multiple-program license, you may offer any of our licensed programs for a flat fee. The fee is based on how many total workshops you plan to offer annually, regardless of which ones. For example, you may obtain a multiple-program license for CDSMP, Tomando Control de su Salud, and both English and Spanish Diabetes, and pool the total number of workshops for your license.  A multi-program license allows your organization to offer multiple programs, however it does not allow you to offer those programs at multiple sites or permit you to have multiple organizations under the same license. 
  • Umbrella license - If you are planning to operate as an umbrella organziation for other organizations, contact

How to Upgrade a License

If you started with a single-program license but now wish to upgrade to a multi-program license, you may complete the upgrade license form

View a Sample License Application 
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View a Sample License

Licensing Policies

  1. The term of the licenses is 3 years.
  2. Licenses are meant to be signed as is.  If they require special handling, negotiation or customization, an additional fee will be assessed.  Fees range from $250 minimum for special handling and $1,000 for language/terms negotiation.
  3. An annual report is required each year from any licensed organization.  To complete the annual report, log in using the Portal Login button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Whether you are receiving training from SMRC Trainers or non-SMRC Trainers, your organization must first obtain a license.
  5. If your organization is receiving training from a non-SMRC Master Trainer or T-Trainer, you must obtain your license from SMRC PRIOR to the training.
  6. All master trainings must be registered with SMRC and a training payment is required.  This includes training given at your own organization with your own trainers.  Contact to register your master training.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Master Trainers or T-Trainers who conduct the training to:
    • Inform the organization(s) being trained of the need to obtain a license from SMRC prior to the training.
    • Inform SMRC of the organization(s) needing the license.
    • Inform the organization that the Master Training must be registered with SMRC before the training is offered.
    • Contact to notify SMRC.
  8. These conditions apply regardless of whether the training is for their own organization or another.
  9. If these responsibilities are not carried out, then the Master Trainers or T-Trainers will be responsible for all licensing and training fees. They may also lose their certification to continue in the role of Master Trainer or T-Trainer.