Small Group Programs in Spanish

In the past 30+ years, the Stanford Patient Education Research Center has developed, tested, and evaluated self-management programs for people with chronic health problems. Our first program was the Arthritis Self-Managment Course (also known as the Arthritis Self-Help Workshop), which became the prototype for all our self-managment programs. All of our programs are designed to help people gain self-confidence in their ability to control their symptoms and how their health problems affect their lives.Our small-group workshops are generally 6 weeks long, meeting once a week for about 2 hours, which are led by a pair of peer leaders with health problems of their own. The meetings are highly interactive, focusing on building skills, sharing experiences and support.

We are committed to helping the underserved, which has led to our Spanish-language self-management programs.

Once we develop a program, we evaluate its effectiveness through a rigorous research, which is 1-4 years in length. It is ONLY after a program has been shown to be safe and effective through these trials that we release it for dissemination.

Tomando Control de su Salud

This is the Spanish version of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program that was designed in Spanish for Spanish- speakers. Though similar to the English version, it was developed to be culturally appropriate.

Programa de Manejo Personal de la Diabetes

This program was developed and piloted in Spanish and is modeled after Tomando Control de su Salud. The companion book is Tomando control de su salud.

Programa de Manejo Personal del Dolor Crónico

This program is a Spanish translation of the Chronic Pain Self-Management Program. The companion book is Vivir una vida sana con dolor crónico.

Cáncer: Triunfando y Sobreviviendo

This program is a Spanish translation of Cancer: Thriving and Surviving. The companion book is Tomando control de su salud.