Upgrade a License

If your organization is already licensed you have the following options to upgrade your existing license.

For Nonprofit and Public Agencies:

  1. Upgrade a $500 license to $1500 license
    • $1500 license is for 60 workshopsand 3 Leader trainings.
  2. Add additional workshops to your license at $25 each
  3. Purchase additional Leader trainings
    • $200 per Leader training if you do not accept any paying participants
    • $400 per Leader training if you accept any paying participants

Download a sample upgrade license application for nonprofit and public agencies

Download an upgrade license application for nonprofit and public agencies

For Private and Public Companies

If you wish to make changes to your company license, contact 

Questions?  Email Nieves at licensing@selfmanagementresource.com

If you purchased a license prior to 2018 and wish to upgrade, contact licensing@selfmanagementresource.com

Your licenses

You license number can’t be found, contact SMRC at licensing@selfmanagementresource.com