Arthritis: Articles & Published Research

Articles about the Arthritis Self-Management Program

  1. Brady TJ, Murphy L, Beauchesne D, Bhalakia A, Chervin D, Daniels B, Greenberg M, House, M, O'Colmain B: Sorting through the evidence for the Arthritis Self-Management program and the Chronic Disease Self-Management program, executive summary of ASMP/CDSMP meta-analyses. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; May 2011. Download report (PDF)
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  5. Lorig K, Mazonson P, Holman HR. Evidence suggesting that health education for self-management in patients with chronic arthritis has sustained health benefits while reducing health care costs. Arthritis Rheum 1993;36(4):439-446. View abstract
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Programa de Manejo Personal de la Artritis (Spanish Arthritis Self-Management Program)

  1. Wong AL, Harker JO, Lau VP, Shatzel S, Port, LH. Spanish arthritis empowerment program: A disseminiation and effectiveness study. Athritis Rheum (Arthritis Care Res) 2004;51(3):332-336. View abstract
  2. Lorig K, González VM, and Ritter P. Community-based Spanish language arthritis education program: a randomized trial. Medl Care 1999: 37(9):957-963. View abstract

Mailed Arthritis Self-Management Program

  1. Goeppinger J, Lorig KR, Ritter PL, Mutatkar S, Villa F, Gizlice Z. Mail-delivered arthritis self-management tool kit: A randomized trial and longitudinal followup. Arthritis Rheum, 61(7):867-875, 2009. View abstract