Trainer Policies for Self-Management Programs

All components of SMRC self-management programs are facilitated by pairs of Leaders, Master Trainers and T-Trainers. The following guidelines for obtaining and retaining certification apply to Leaders, Master Trainers and T-Trainers

Leaders are authorized to facilitate Self-Management Workshops. Leaders do not train others. To become a Leader, one must satisfactorily complete a Leader training (full training or cross-training) and have satisfactorily facilitated at least one series of 6 workshops within 12 months after training. It's better if this happens within 6 months of training. To remain certified, Leaders must facilitate one 6-week workshop series every 12 months from date of training.

Master Trainers are authorized to facilitate Self-Management Workshops. In addition, they are authorized to train Leaders how to facilitate Self-Management Workshops. To become a Master Trainer, one must: 1) complete Master training (full training or cross-training), 2) facilitate their first Leader training within 18 months of their training date, 3) Return a Master Trainer Agreement and Certification Form to SMRC. To remain certified, Master Trainers must conduct a full (4-day) Leader training every 3 years and facilitate a 6-week workshop series, a Leader training, or a Leader cross-training every 12 months from date of certification.

T-Trainers are authorized to facilitate Self-Management Workshops, to train Leaders how to facilitate Self-Management Workshops, and in addition, they are authorized to train Master Trainers. To become a T-Trainer one must 1) complete an apprenticeship with a SMRC staff Certifying T-Trainer, 2) co-lead a master training within 18 months from completion of the apprenticeship, and 3) return a T-Trainer Certification Form to SMRC. Master Trainers must meet two basic requirements to be considered for an apprenticeship: 1) must have facilitated at least 3 complete Leader trainings and 2) must complete an electronic application. To remain certified, T-Trainers must conduct a Master Trainer training no less than every 3 years. During years that no master training is conducted, the T-Trainer must conduct at least one Leader training, or one Leader cross-training.