Training Fees

  • Training near Palo Alto, California

Costs for group training in Palo Alto for the 4½ day CDSMP Master Training:

  • $1800 per health professional
  • $1000 for a lay person with chronic disease

Included in this training is all instruction, one set of all materials, and lunch for 4 days and one evening banquet.

Web-Based Trainings


  • $450.00 for Chronic Pain Self-Management Program
  • $450.00 for Diabetes Self-Management Program
  • $350.00 for Tomando Control de su Salud
  • $350.00 for Programa de Manejo Personal de la Diabetes
  • $350.00 for Positive Self-Management Program (HIV)
  • $350.00 for Cancer Thriving & Surviving (CTS)
  • $450.00 for Building Better Caregivers

 * Unless Master Trainers are cross-trained in conjunction with a 4½ day CDSMP or Tomando Master Training, Master Trainers must be cross-trained via SMRC webinar.

(NOTE: Reduced fees apply for cross-training of Peer Leaders.)

Workplace CDSMP Master Trainer Orientation

Master Trainers must take update orientation training via SMRC webinar.  Peer Leaders must be trained in person by a Master Trainer (they are not eligible for webinar training).

  • $50.00

(NOTE: Reduced fees apply to recently trained MTs)

Refresher Trainings

  • $100 fee per Peer Leader for a Leader Refresher training webinar. 
  • $50 fee per Master Trainer for Refresher Orientation webinar.  Master Trainers must take refresher orientation via SMRC webinar.

Update Trainings

We will update our existing programs every few years. When we update an existing program, we offer web-based update training for those who are already trained in that program. Master Trainers must take an update training via SMRC webinar.

  • $250.00

Training at Your Location

4½ day CDSMP, Tomando, English Diabetes, Spanish Diabetes, PSMP, or Chronic Pain Self-Management

  • $10,000 paid to SMRC (Training fee)
  • $6,000 paid directly to 2 T-Trainers ($3,000 each)

4½ day CDSMP or Tomando followed immediately with 1½ to 2-day cross-training (English Diabetes, Chronic Pain, Spanish Diabetes, Cancer, or Building Better Caregivers)

  • $14,000 paid to SMRC (Training Fee)
  • $8,400 paid directly to 2 trainers ($4,200 each)

4½ day CDSMP or Tomando followed immediately with 1 day cross-training (Positive Self-Management) 

  • $12,000 paid to SMRC (Training fee)
  • $7,200 paid directly to 2 trainers ($3600 each)

Additional Costs for Off-Site Training

The organization contracting for the training will need to supply:

  • Transportation, lodging, and per diem for two trainers
  • Materials for all trainees. These include one book for each program, two manuals for each program, and a relaxation CD. All but the manuals can be purchased directly from Bull Publishing. SMRC will send the master copies for the manuals to the organization hosting the training for reproduction. Costs for books and CDs can be found on Bull Publishing's website.
  • One full set of complete workshop charts for each program
  • (Optional) One copy of the CDSMP provider video (for CDSMP training), available from Bull Publishing.
  • Training in Spanish for chronic disease has one additional exercise CD, available from Bull Publishing.

A license must be purchased before training takes place. If your organization does not already hold one, go to our licensing page to learn more. 

Our Refund Policy is available here.